Testimonials Psoriasis/Eczema

I just wanted to let you know I subscribed to your premium box in November. I was fed up & concerned about using my steroid creams & Nivea, nothing really working. I wanted to try something natural & soothing so after reading the reviews on your website, I decided to give your premium subscription box a try. I was actually very skeptical of how psoriasis could be healed from inside, but that was quickly reassured when I saw how fast the supplements started working. I also took your advice on the ways to healing faster. I chose to do the 3 minute cold shower every morning to stimulate my immune system, and also cut out most foods with hot or warming natures according to the tradition Chinese medicine chart you pointed me to. I feel like a new human! I don’t even have a single sign of psoriasis now, and I’m starting to re-introduce the foods I used to eat.  Sean Miller

Thank You!!!  Four months of taking your subscription box supplements and I’m Psoriasis free.  I used to wake up to my bed full of skin as if I was a snake shedding, I hated it, and the itch was unbearable.  I’m so thankful and relieved to have consulted with you as you helped me start my journey to healing! Jia Merk

Absolutely a life saver wish I had known about this sooner. I have had eczema on my eyelids for a year which is not really a place you want to put creams. These supplements were an answer to prayer, within 2 weeks my eczema was gone! I can’t recommend enough. Nothing else I’ve tried works like this. Chloe Frost

I have extremely sensitive skin as well as psoriasis, creams would sting my face, make it redder and dry it out. The supplements I’ve been taking for the last 4 months have not only hydrated my skin, but much of the extreme sensitivity has vanished and about 70% of my psoriasis patches are gone! I cannot thank you enough. Amy Connaway

I’m absolutely looking forward to summer for the first time in a decade.  I always had to hide my terrible red scaly skin, but now I’ve actually gone and bought a short summer dress for the first time in years!  I’m in love with my skin again.  It was a 15 months journey for me from start to finish to be psoriasis free.  The first 3 months I saw huge improvements in my skin, but after that it was a lot slower, until finally the last little patch on my….. FINALLY disappeared. Never ever again shall I take my gorgeous skin for granted! Sarah Freedman

I’m only 5 days into taking my supplements and already I’ve noticed the itchiness is gone, and I sleep better at nights. I can’t wait to see how fast the plaque patches on my arms and legs disappear. One more thing I’ve noticed. I started taking the supplements while I had a cold. Usually it takes me a full 2 weeks to shake a cold, but in the 5 days of taking the supplements my cold seems to be almost gone and I’ve only had it a total of 8 days. Lana Hawkins

For the past 5 months I’ve had a nasty rash around my neck and skin infection around my eye’s. The doctor suspected the neck rash was stress related. After a 3 month course of antibiotics, the eye infection had cleared up but left me with extremely dry skin around my eyes which had scarred. After 3 my body feels overall a lot stronger, and my skin has improved drastically. I love the soothing tea it’s very calming, but I think it’s the golden oil that has actually helped my skin the most. My best friend suffers from psoriasis, I’ve told him as well and he’s ordered. Although he’s only a few days into it, he’s already noticing his skin improving. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. James Riehle

My 2 year old son had severe eczema that developed just a few weeks after birth. The doctors said he would grow out of it eventually, but so far he hasn’t. After talking with you, I felt confident and safe to try out the supplements in the basic subscription box, and also changed his diet to cooling foods according the to Tradition Chinese Medicine chart you suggested. In less than 3 weeks his skin improved drastically. He used to itch like crazy until he was bleeding, but now for the first time new healthy skin is growing and his eczema is shrinking away! Karen

“After struggling with psoriasis and insane itchiness for almost a decade, I couldn’t believe how fast the premium box worked for me.  Within 3 days most of the itchiness disappeared and I’ve slept better than ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Anne Campbell

My 8 year old has had eczema on her eyelids and around her ears. Steroid creams seem to burn and make it worse, and the doctors have been totally unhelpful in finding an alternative solution. I’m so fed up with text book answers to problems, so I did my own research and stumbled across your site. My daughter has been taking the soothing tea and golden oil from the basic subscription box and now has no sign of eczema. She’s been taking it for 2 months. We’ve decided to continue on another 2 months and then gradually decrease the amounts, hopefully it will never come back! I’m so so so thankful to have found you, it’s given my daughter her confidence back again. Viv

I’ve had psoriasis since childhood, but during my pregnancy it magically vanished. I was so excited only to be dashed when I saw it return after I gave birth. But seeing the changed confirmed to me that it is possible to get rid of it naturally so I did tons of research. My conclusion was that I needed to focus on my immune system, gut health, mindset (gratitude, which is a tough one for me some days), and increasing my estrogen levels. I subscribed to your premium box, and also supplemented in some of my own things like probiotics, drinking bone broth daily, and a natural herbal tea to boost my estrogen levels. I can confirm, after 3 months of being on my own program (which your premium subscription box supplements were a part of) my psoriasis has completely disappeared again! Another thing I noticed was that my milk production went up once I started all these things. It’s good news all around. I would definitely recommend your products to anyone suffering with psoriasis.  Cali Henderson

I’d suffered with eczema most of my life.  Some products worked a little, some worked more, but it always came back.  This is the first time I actually feel like it’s gone for good!  I loved the effects of the golden oil on my skin, hair and nails so much that I decided to continue on with that as a general health supplement. Karen Huey