Speed Up The Healing Process for Psoriasis or Eczema

The basic roadmap includes:

  1. Detoxing your liver
  2. Healing your gut
  3. Reseting your immune system.

We present in depth information on working through the road map in a webinar here.

Below are just some things you can do that will help you begin to heal

1. Take Cold Showers

Not only do cold showers trigger our bodies to act in certain ways which are immediately noticeable, BUT they also activate some of our 23 longevity genes (which usually have switched off by our mid 20s).

Cold showers might be uncomfortable but the benefits far outweigh the discomfort. Many have been completely healed of autoimmune diseases like Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, Psoriasis and more by eating healthy and sticking with a 3 minute cold shower every morning for a few months.

A golden tip on taking cold showers

If cold showers sound too difficult for you to do, take your normal hot shower then slowly turn the water down, bit by bit as you get used to it keep turning it colder and colder until you’ve managed to stay in the cool to cold shower for 3 minutes.

Benefits of taking cold showers.

  1. Boosts Immune System – In a study cold showers have been shown in studies to increase your bodies white blood cell count which fight against disease.
  2. Boost Your Mood – Cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the availability of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins.
  3. Increased Alertness and Connectivity to Your Body – Cold showers connect your body to the center cortex of your brain therefore increasing alertness. Studies have shown that the majority of people have little connection to their brains center cortex, which lead to stress and an array of other very unpleasant problems, the good news is, it only takes a 3 minute cold shower for a few days to notice a vast difference with your connection, mood and immune system.

2. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Avoid Foods That Cause Inflammation

In Traditional Chinese and Persian medicine every food has a category, it is either cool, cold, warm, hot or neutral, and we’re not talking about how spicy it is, but the effect the food has on your internal organs. When dealing with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, or eczema (and also many others) you want to avoid hot foods like the plague. They do nothing but cause increased itchiness, dry skin and other problems.

  1. You can google charts that gives you an overview of what foods are hot or cold for your reference. This is by no means exhaustive and you can find much more by googling each food you want to eat and asking whether it’s hot or cold according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

3. Find Your Trigger Foods Instantly and AVOID Them

The foods that might cause flare ups are not necessarily hot or warm according to TCM. For example many have found tomatoes, aubergine, goji berries, potatoes and more can cause major flare ups. These foods mentioned all belong to the nightshade family of plants and although they’re considered cool, eating the seeds or skin of these foods are high in bad lectins which compromise your gut lining if it’s already weak.

After every meal you should in general ask yourself these questions to find your trigger foods.

  1. How do I feel?
  2. How does my stomach feel?
  3. How does my skin feel?
  4. How does my head feel?

Although you might not get any answers right away, if you make it a practice to ask yourself these questions, your body will start to have a conversation back with you as you learn to listen and feel what different foods and thoughts do to it.

We actually teach a very easy ancient technique in our webinar here, that will tell you immediately if a food, clothing, cleaner or anything else is good for your body or potentially causing it aggravation.

This is so powerful that many people have learned to instantly identify if a food is good or bad for them just by touching it! Sound like a super power? It’s actually quite achievable by everyone with practice.

4. Avoid The Nightshade Plant Family

Although nightshade plants are generally considered cool, or cold in nature they also have skin and seeds that are high in bad lectins which can cause havoc for your gut, especially if you’re trying to heal your gut. Some people are so sensative to the lectins that they simple avoid nightshade plants altogether. If you find your skin is really itchy try to cut out nightshades from your diet, this includes, potatoes, peppers (any type of peppers, hot or neutral), tomatoes, aubergine (eggplant), goji berries and more…

Once your gut is completely healed and functioning properly you can try re-introducing these foods and see how your body reacts to them.

5. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

A key part of healing any part of your body, skin or otherwise is to drink enough water. A general rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces, if you’re used to using metric weights it’s easiest to convert to imperial measurements to find out how much you need to drink and then convert back to metric.

Most people don’t drink anywhere near what they should and our bodies have become used to not having enough. Once you start drinking enough you should notice that your skin starts to look hydrated, your eczema or psoriasis patches start to clear up as your body starts to do it’s own detoxing with the extra resource of water you’ve given it, and you have more energy. You should start to notice some of these health benefits start within 1 week of daily drinking the right amount.

Some people notice that they actually have new outbreaks, if this happens don’t be alarmed, it’s just your body dumping all the toxins that have been stored inside of you. It should clear up within a week or two of the new outbreak. Stick with drinking the proper amount of water.

6. Bentonite Clay for Detoxing Chemicals and Mycotoxins

As bizarre as it may sound many people take clay capsules or simply drink clay powder mixed in water to help bind the toxins floating around in their bodies and flush them out, not only is a small amount of bentonite clay helpful for binding toxins it also re-mineralizes our bodies to a certain extent. A ton of good information can be found on that topic here by someone who actually has personal experience with using it in many many different manners, and all the positive effects from the usage.

7. Chew Your Food To “Baby” Mush

You may think this sounds silly, but chewing your food properly can completely change your life. First of all, once your food is chewed to mush it’s mixed with a lot of saliva which contains digestive enzymes, this takes some of the stress off your stomach.

When your food is not in chunks (like many people swallow) your stomach has far less work to do to break down the food. Vitiamins and minerals are released quicker from the food and your body enjoys more repairing nutrients with less work.

8. Skip Meals Once In Awhile

While not a popular topic, going hungry for one meal once in awhile or even once a week can help your stomach and gut heal. Any time that your stomach is not busy digesting food (which can take several hours depending on how good your digestion is) it’s busy healing and rejuvenating. Having an empty stomach once in awhile gives your body that little bit of extra help to fix your gut.

9. Take Swedish Bitters Drops Before Meals and Bed

Swedish bitters are made from bitter herbs usually between 10 and 20 different bitter herbs which help detoxify your liver, produce bile, stimulate your digestive enzymes and do many more things. They also help your body detox metals. Although they taste horrible, the results these little drops yield are as close to magic that you can get in this world.

The lady that invented them Maria Treben is said to have died at 104… and that was from a riding accident, not from old age! People swear by them and they’re supposed to be helpful to just about any illness you can think of. This is because of how they support your liver which is one of the most important internal organs you have.

Did you know that in modern science they have made artificial kidneys, hearts and other important organs, but no one has made an artificial liver. This is because to do all the functions the liver does you would need the space of 400 hectars of land! This is how amazing and important your liver is.

As you can see from the testimonials page, we’ve had a lot of experience in seeing how people heal and have come up with a basic roadmap to healing.