5 Cores to Clear Skin Course (Self Paced)


A summary of what you’ll receive in this course is below.

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The entire course is outlined in a simple STEP BY STEP roadmap format with easy TAKE ACTION steps for each thing you need to do.  It’s simple to implement, but it isn’t magic, you need to be consistent, and you WILL see results.

It comes in both PDF and Video formats.

Core #1 The 5 “Natures” of Food


Core #2 Recovering Your Full Gut

and Liver Function Again


Core #3 The Three Brains

and How They Release Healing Hormones


Core #4 The POWER of Micro-Nutrients


Core #5 DIY Salves and Balms and Tips

Significantly more in-depth information on each CORE here.


If you have any questions please contact us at info@itchexorcist.com

Here’s to your VIBRANT health!

Fredrico and Stacy