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Our Simple Roadmap to Healing is Revolutionary

In working with numerous people we came to discover they always had one or more of these three problems.  Our training helps you fix ALL of them using nature, not medication.

My Story

After 3 long years of struggling with this nasty so called “disease”, and trying almost everything under the sun including Chinese medicine, visiting doctors and so called specialists who almost always call any health issue as “disease” subtly implying and even bluntly tell you that there’s no cure for it, then I decided enough was enough, and that I didn’t want to be another number in the national statistics;

I never knew anyone suffering from this condition in my country of origin “Iran”, so I thought I’d better get back to my roots and get some words of wisdom from my parents, they immediately identified my issue as “Heat”, this is a well known term amongst all Persians, but I had been away from it for too many years…

The Three Root Problems of Skin Issues

Fix these three root problems and your skin will clear on it’s own!

Our Goal

It’s simple.  We want to help as many people as we can clear their skin as fast as they can.  We’ve experienced first hand how much these diseases negatively affect family life and we want YOU to experience the healing and vibrant health we know is possible for anyone who truly wants it.