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I’ve struggled with psoriasis for 40 years, as well as other health problems. Can I still heal?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had psoriasis or eczema 4 days or 40 years, we believe anyone can be healed because our bodies have been uniquely created and designed to heal. If you’ve struggled for years with a skin condition your body is most likely worn down from fighting it and trying to heal itself, in this case it’s extremely important to follow a few extra steps that will turbo charge your body for natural healing. You can find those things in this article which will be like gold to you as you shift from an out of balance body back into balance and vibrant health.

How long will it take for my skin condition to vanish?

Everyone has a different body and we all heal differently, but in general you can see results starting 10 days of taking our supplements.

Some have noticed the itch stops within 1 day, but see the size of the itchy plaque patches slowly start to diminish after 1 month. Each person is different.

On the path to permanent healing this process will be months to complete (realistically) not weeks . For me personally most of my symptoms and irritations disappeared within 2 months, but I was left with one little persistent spot on my skin that just refused to go. FINALLY after 6 months in the dead of winter (which had previously been times that I flared up) it disappeared forever!

Six months is how long it took my body to heal internally, but for you it will probably be different. Some people have completely healed up within 4 months, while others have taken 18 months to heal, it depends on the severity of your condition and your existing immune system.

Restoring the infrastructure of your immune system is the fundamental part of your healing process, hence it’s not a task that can be done in a few days or even a few weeks, to be frank, and be aware of those who claim otherwise even if you’re not subscribing to us. There are some things you can do to significantly speed up the process, you can check those out here. If you’ve been struggling with a skin condition for decades your body may need even longer to heal, but we still believe healing is possible, which is contrary to what most doctors will tell you.

Can I still use hormone or steroid creams while using the subscription box items?

Steroid creams are a temporary quick fix, but completely un-natural and do not help your body with permanent healing, in fact they may hinder true root healing. It is the same as painting over a moldy wall. It’ll look nice for a while but the problem is still there and will show up again.

We strongly suggest finding natural alternatives to steroid creams while you heal. There are several links below to natural very effective topical creams and ointments to sooth your skin as you heal internally.

Bria Organics (Based in the U.K.)

Era Organics (Based in the U.S.A.)

How can I speed up the healing process?

There are a number of things you can do to help jump start your body to healing. The best part is that most of them are free or almost free. Please see the full list of what you can do here.

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