Masterclass: Psoriasis / Eczema Slayer

Root level healing from the inside out

What if I told you that you could…

Have soft skin naturally without having to apply moisturizers all the time.

Be pain free just by tapping into your bodies own medicine cabinet on a deep root level

Clear your skin internally from the inside out so it will stay that way

Feel energized in the morning when you wake up so you can get all the things done you want to

No more scratching, itching or scaley cracked skin.

Eat what you want again and have your skin be happy with that.

Get deep, rejuvinating peaceful sleep every night, and wake up charged and ready to go.

Wear your summer clothes with confidence again!


Sounds to good to be true?

I don’t blame you!

My guess is you’ve heard psoriasis and eczema success stories, you’ve seen the BEFORE and AFTER pictures, and you’ve tried all sorts of things.

But you just can’t figure out the magic, that will make it happen for YOU.

OR maybe the things you’re trying are only partially working but not clearing the problem completely. 

OR temporarily working only to have your skin condition re-appear a few months later.

You’re confused and overwhelmed with all the “free advice” everyone gives you as soon as you mention your skin condition.

Maybe the advice is good but it’s only pieces of what you need to do to be wholly healed.

Healing up completely  can be simple and in truth almost effortless when you know the right steps in the right order.

You can have all of these by following one simple, step by step path to healing



The Psorisis / Eczema Slayer Masterclass


The Psoriasis / Eczema Slayer Masterclass is an A-Z healing program

that shows you EXACTLY step by step how to heal your body from the inside out. 

Thereby clearing your skin, and regaining vibrant health

Hi We’re Fred and Stacy

We know how to send your skin condition into remission and keep it there effortlessly.  We’ll take you

from painful and itchy to clear skin, energized and feeling like a new person as you watch

your skin condition fade into history.

There are some BIG misconceptions and myths about what it takes to send your skin condition into remission.

Here’s what we want you to know:

MISCONCEPTION #1 – You can clear your skin just by changing your diet

This a dangerous half truth that can leave you disheartened and feeling hopeless.

When you go through the effort of changing and eliminating all sorts of foods only to STILL have flareups show up now and then, it’s depressing.

While diet does have a role to play in healing, it is not a magic wand to fixing the root cause.  

It IS part of the solution, but not all of it.

MISCONCEPTION #2 – Taking probiotics will fix your gut thereby fixing your skin

Taking probiotics is an essential part of healing your gut, but getting all those good bacteria into your system won’t fix the damage to your gut.  

If you had a leaky fish tank, just clearing the moss and pouring in new water won’t fix the leak.

It’s the same with your gut, probiotics are excellent and a key part of healing, but there’s more to be done to fix the leak and get your gut into pristine condition.

MISCONCEPTION #3 – You only need to find the right medication. 

In truth neither eczema or psoriasis is a humira deficiency.  You wouldn’t call depression a zoloft deficiency would you? 

Neither should you approach your skin condition as your body having a medication deficiency.

Medications force your body to act in a certain way, and although they usually get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms this is often the same as taking the red maintenance light of a cars dashboard.  The problem still exists, you just can’t see it anymore.

MISCONCEPTION #4 – If you used the right shampoo your scalp would clear up.

Your shampoo is not the problem, nor is your skins flare up the problem.  

The root of the problem is inside, stemming from your gut, your liver, your brain heart chemicals or your immune system itself or maybe all four.  Each person is different.

When you heal the root problems, the uncomfortable itchy dry and cracked symptoms go away, because they were only there to announce to you that there’s an internal problem that needs dealt with.

Deal with the root causes and you’ll have happy skin and health again.

The only thing that matters is getting to the core of what started your skin condition in the first place!


3 Reasons you’ve been unable

to clear your skin


REASON #1 – You flareup at anything so you can’t actually figure out where the problem is

There are 2 reasons this can occur.

  1. Your gut is so out of balance that anything sets it off.
  2. Your under tremendous stress, or just haven’t learned how to properly deal with stress and your body is constantly tipping out of balance which makes you sensitive to everything (foods, cleaners, clothing etc…)

REASON #2 – You’re in so much pain you just want the quickest fix possible so you jump at whatever the doctor prescribes you, without doing research first.

Although doctors and especially dermatologists are supposed to know what they’re doing, they are only allowed to offer you medications that are approved in the medical community.

Believe it or not, doctors will never tell you there are alternative significantly more effective ways to deal with your skin condition. 

And if they by chance they do, their malpractice insurance can be nullified which is every doctors worst nightmare.

Approved medication is often out of balance with your body and will just deal with the symptoms it needs to suppress.

When you’re in pain or so self conscious about how you look that it effects every aspect of your life, this is the wrong time to be guinea pig. 

Often medications pull your body’s natural balance out of whack, and force it to act in a way that is symptom free. 

This gives the appearance of bringing relief while causing subtle long term problems, that might not show up for years.

REASON #3 – You’ve resolved yourself to live with this for life because doctors say “You can’t cure it, but only control it”

This perhaps is the most dangerous fail of all because our brains secrete natural healing chemicals, and also natural breakdown chemicals, and much of what triggers one or the other is what we actually believe.

The brain can never produce both healing and breakdown chemicals at the same time.  

So the first and most important thing to do is actually BELIEVE you can be healed, or at very least HOPE that this will work for you.

This will help your brain stop producing the breakdown chemicals that are keeping your body in a state of “Ready to flare up” at anything that tips you out of balance.

This is only the first step of many in training your brain to produce healing chemicals and ANYONE can do it!  

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had your skin condition, it doesn’t matter if it’s genetically inherited or if it’s something that’s a one off in your family, it doesn’t matter how young or old your are, ANYONE can do it!

This Masterclass gives you all the tools to do it!


Ready for the magic road back to health and clear skin?


5 Power Packed Modules that will change your life

We reveal the step by step ROADMAP to healing.

Go from itchy, painful and dry to clear skin and vibrant health!

Attention Parents! 

All modules contain a special section on how to apply this information to nursing infants and young children.  Our Masterclass is so gentle ANYONE can do it, but so effective that we have a 100% success rate thus far.

Module #1 The Healing Power of Micro-Nutrients

  • Foods and Micro-nutrients your body must have for deep root level healing.
  • Gut health and how to balance it.
  • How to DIY much of your own micro-nutrients, and probiotics.
  • This is a very hands on module as you’ll have the opportunity to actually make your own probiotics, and micronutrient supplements, which are worlds better and have more healing power than store bought supplements.

Module #2 Discover Instantly What Causes Your Flareups

  • How to INSTANTLY discover your trigger foods….. or trigger cleaners, or trigger clothing (it’s not just food that can trigger a flareup).
  • How to listen to your body’s conversation (so you can hear it when it whispers to you something’s wrong, then you won’t have to wait until it screams at you like it did when you developed your skin condition.

Module #3 The Secrets to Re-Wiring Your Genes

  • How to TURBO harmonize your brain and heart to produce healing chemicals instead of breakdown chemicals.
  • Why you have unhealthy genes (which express themselves as a skin condition or any other disease) and how to re-write them to change your genetic expression to healthy vibrant genes.
  • Using the newly taught gene therapy principles: How to TURBO harmonize all your bodies systems (nervous system, vascular system, lymphatic system etc…) so your entire body is harmonized, healthy and vibrant.

Module #4 Harnessing The Healing Power in Water

  • How change the molecular shape of water to start healing you with every glass you drink and every shower you take. Water can actually be used to heal or make you sick, this is something not many people know. 
  • It is SOOO powerful that this wisdom alone can heal you if you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly.

Module #5 DIY Salves and Balms

  • How to make your own soothing skin balms and salves (it’s easier than boiling a pan of water).  These can be made from as little as only 3 ingredients and they are like miracle cream for stopping the itch!
  •  DIY tips to bring you quick relief and relax your body so it has more energy to heal itself.


Looking for some Bonuses?

Here’s What You’ll Get


Bonus #1 Soothing Salve

  • You’ll get one of our 30 ml (1 oz) soothing salves mailed to you.  These are homemade with only 3 ingredients and work like a charm to sooth itchy dry skin.  They are tallow based which means a little bit goes a long long way.  
  • This will be mailed out  roughly a month after the LIVE training starts around August 14th, 2021

Bonus #2 Complimentary Video Chat or Phone Call

  • This is completely optional, but we’d love to personally connect with you twice in a 2 month period, just to see how you’re getting on and if you’ve encountered any road blocks to your healing process that we might be able to assist you with.  We’re available by email ANYTIME you have questions, but we like to go the extra mile and personally connect with you in a video or phone chat.

Bonus #3 Facebook Group Discount

  • We have a special facebook group JUST for once a week collective “Brain Heart Coherence” Sessions.  If you thought doing brain heart coherence on your own was good (and it is), just wait until you do it with a group!  The healing power that comes out of these sessions are incredible!
  • The only pre-requisite to joining the facebook group membership is that you’ve completed the free course, and are practicing the “Brain Heart Coherence Technique” you’ve learned in the emails.
  • The facebook group is normally $37 a month, but you will get a discount code emailed to you when you take the “Psoriasis / Eczema Slayer” Masterclass so you’ll only pay $5 a week (charged monthly, and can be cancelled at anytime).

P.S. The facebook group is available to ANYONE at the regular price.  If you don’t want to buy the Masterclass, but DO want to join the facebook group that’s perfectly fine, we’d love to see you there.  You can join here.




This course is for you if

This course is NOT for you if

"It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop." Confucious

Here's Everything You'll Get

We don’t just tell you what to do or how to do something

We tell you WHY you should do it, WHAT to do and EXACTLY how to do it.

When you start listening to your body, and acting on what it’s telling you there is only one results possible.  It begins to heal, and balance and you begin to experience vibrant health.

Essentially it will feel like your skin condition is just disappearing like magic.  But this isn’t magic, it’s listening to your own body, and acting on what it’s telling you with CONSISTENCY.


Why You Should Trust Us When It Comes To Your Skin


Hi, Fred and Stacy here!  

We’ve been there… the itching, the pain, no sleep, scaly skin, major discomfort, feeling hopeless. After trying EVERYTHING we ditched the doctors consistently unhelpful advice and spent 100’s of hours studying, researching and digging into the things that would clear both the psoriasis and eczema from Fred’s skin.

After spending months weeding out what worked and what didn’t work and WHY things did and didn’t work we were able to come up with a simple formula that ended up working for everyone who tried it!  

We started by sharing our methods with colleagues who had skin conditions, then family and friends.  Everyone who followed the formula saw significant  improvements and most saw their skin condition disappear completely within 6 months.

This is not a magic wand!

It takes time and consistency, but the results are always the same, healed skin.



5  Ways Your Skin And Health Are About To DRASTICALLY  Change


THIS IS YOU – You can wear any clothing you like, and use any shampoo you like because your skin is soooooooooooooooo happy and all your body’s systems are in perfect sync with each other.

THIS IS YOU – While most people are taking steroids to relieve their symptom’s your skin is actually glowing with moisture and vibrance!

THIS IS YOU – You’re full of energy and ready to bounce out of bed every morning.  While others suffering with the same skin condition are itching all night and have to drag themselves out of bed each day.

THIS IS YOU – Everyday you are so greatful for the new life you’ve been given that each day is like a new adventure, while others are WISHING for what you have.

THIS IS YOU – Not only do you feel better about your skin but your whole life has changed so much that you’ve learned how to be so  laser sharp and targeted with your thoughts and goals that it seems like everything is working together for you (even the tough and impossible things, even things that seem to look temporarily like total chaos).



If you’re on the fence…

OR if other programs, or products have left you with a less than thrilled experience…

Then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the Psoriasis/Eczema Slayer Masterclass into action and experience how easy and exiting it can be to heal your skin.

Take the 14 days to go through the available video’s and worksheets

Get a taste of our teaching style and content, get your questions answered.  If you don’t fell like you’ll be well on your way to healing your skin with this information, just shoot us an email at with evidence of your work and we’ll send you a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does this course work for infants and children?  Yes!  Our methods are so gentle anyone can use them.  We even have a special section on how to implement it for infants and children.

How much time should I schedule in every week to get results?  If you want maximum results as fast as possible you’ll need to set aside 40 minutes a day.  Of course you can put in less than this, everybody has insanely busy days, but the more time you’re able to set aside the faster you’ll see results.  As the good habits we’re going to introduce become more and more a natural part of your daily life, you’ll need less and less time to focus on them because they’ll integrate naturally into your lifestyle.

How long before my skin condition is gone?  This depends on your body.  We’ve seen anything from a few weeks to the more difficult cases being a year.  Some people’s bodies respond very fast, while others have road blocks to overcome, but like we’ve said, everyone who has so far  been through our Masterclass has seen significant improvements or their condition has disappeared completely.  We consider this a 100% success rate.


I have an array of other illnesses that are completely unrelated to my skin issue will this Masterclass conflict with other medications.  No, in fact we’ve been pleasantly surprised that as our clients have put the TAKE ACTION points into practice they’ve found over weeks and months other issues fading as well as their skin condition!

Will I be able to go through everything in this Masterclass and implement it?  You’re busy, you have a family to take care of or a day job, or maybe both!  We get it, we designed the Psoriasis/Eczema Slayer Masterclass so you’d be able to complete 1 module a week (if you have a life, and kids and dishes and laundry to do like us) The Masterclass is 5 modules long and packed in a way it maintains motivation with worksheets to help you implement each TAKE ACTION point so you can start seeing results as possible.

1 New module a week will be emailed to you after you purchase the Masterclass.

Because there’s so much new information it’s vital we don’t overwhelm you, so we’ve given  you a week to implement all the TAKE ACTION points from each new module.

How are the course materials delivered.  The course materials are delivered by video.  We also have worksheets for you to work through and track your progress.  They are very short and simple. 

The goal isn’t to keep you busy, but to implement the knowledge so you can heal as fast as possible!

What happens after I click ‘buy‘?  You’ll be contacted by us within 24 with a welcome email and instructions.

How long do I have access to the Psoriasis/Eczema Slayer Masterclass?  This is a self-paced course and you’ll have lifetime access to it.

Will I have access to any Masterclass updates in the future?  Yes of course!  Any updates we make you’ll be able to see.


Psoriasis / Eczema Slayer Masterclass VS Other Programs


Other Psoriasis or Eczema Programs – Focus on gut health and the microbiome.  While these are absolutely necessary for healing, there are other key issues and root causes that also need to be addressed simultaneously for deep root level healing.


Psoriasis/Eczema Slayer Masterclass – Our Masterclass goes through the 3 root causes and how to heal each of these problems effectively: 

1. How to decongest and cleanse your liver.

2. How to self regulate the natural healing chemicals your brain and heart release (so they’ll release healing chemicals instead of breakdown chemicals).

3. How to heal your gut.

Through the course of helping people heal we discovered every person with eczema or psoriasis had 1 or more of the above problems.  

Our Masterclass walks you step by step through the solution to each one of these and you’ll have TAKE ACTION suggestions to really grab a hold of so you can make life changing improvements to your health as quickly as possible.

Ready to Take Your Healing To A Whole New Level?

By the end of this course you will feel like a new person, and will know exactly how to put together a customized plan of action for your own body to heal.

Each person is different, with different body types.  Part of the power of this Masterclass is to listen to your own body.

You will start to see your skin and health change right in front of you.

As you start dealing with root cause issues  you’ll wake up each morning with more energy!

This is the Masterclass that takes your skin from…

Itchy, scaly and irritated to smooth, moist and glowing.

It takes your health from a struggling immune system to a vibrant powerful immune system that is working in perfect sync with the rest of your body.

It takes your emotional state from worried, exhausted and fearful to confident, excited and bubbling over with joy.

Get Started Now!