Important Question for people struggling with psoriasis or eczema who STILL don’t have the skin they were promised by all the doctors’ so called treatments…

If you had access to a STEP BY STEP road map with personal support to clear your skin by dealing with the root cause and internal healing without pills, medication, creams, injections, or David Copperfield’s level tricks to hide your skin. 

 Are you willing to love yourself enough to invest in your skin, your sleep and future health?


Discover 4 Habits To Manage Psoriasis or Eczema that Fredrico used  to Kickstart Healing His Psoriasis, and our child’s Eczema

What if there were simple and easy habits you could adopt that would produce amazing results? 

We have compiled the 4 BEST habits that we’ ourselves took advantage of to turn our skin struggles into clear, beautiful skin! And we want you to have it absolutely free!


Here’s why anything less than a vehement “YES!” is costing you big time…

Every day that you continue to use steroids (in any form, pills or creams) oral medication or biologics you are actually making your skin condition worse and are feeding your suffering and illness.

Question is:

Have those actually worked for you?

If you are tired of the MADDENING ITCHING that stops you from any amount of decent sleep and has you scratching until you’re bleeding.

If you are thinking your skin condition will get worse and lead to OTHER sicknesses.

If you are tired of hiding your skin under clothes or magician level makeup because you are embarrassed at the stares you get from people.

If you are searching for natural treatments but getting totally lost in the ocean of information out there without any CLEAR guidance.

Then keep reading!  What follows could easily be the most pivital point in your skin journey that you look back on when not only your skin has transformed, but so has your confidence!

Any of these sound familiar!

You have spent precious time, maybe even decades on the roller coaster of horrible flares and hope for good old days.

You’ve seen doctors, dermatologists, you’ve probably spent countless hours of doing your own research, spent a lot of  hard earned cash, and made a lot of sacrifices so far! 

But Something Still Isn’t Right

and It’s NOT your fault

You have this horrible cycle of not sleeping because you’re itchy and scratching all night, which leaves you feeling like a zombie every morning, which causes more stress that leads to not being able to think about the task in front of you during the day and the vicious cycle continues.

Looking at your life right now, you are painfully aware that this is more than just a ‘skin condition.’ This is affecting your confidence, your job, your family, and how you live every part of your life!

Maybe you cancel social events (or don’t even say you will go in the first place) because you are too embarrassed to leave the house.

You are losing friends or even family as they just don’t understand.

You have likely been passed around from doctors to dermatologists to rheumatologists to maybe even psychologists, all in an attempt to suppress your symptoms but never getting to the root causes that will actually get rid of it.

I can bet that those doctors barely took the time of day to look at your skin condition, learn more about your struggles, or even consider for a second just how much psoriasis or eczema affects your day to day life before writing a prescription for steroid creams and not even mentioning the side effects!

At this point you may have given up. 

Accepting that life will no longer have that spark – that being cursed with this skin condition is just how your life will always be.

With all that time, effort and commitment you have invested to applying the creams and doing what the doctors say, isn’t it about time you started seeing some actual results?! In fact, you DESERVE results!

You deserve to have full nights’ asleep every night, wake up with more energy, and have NO MORE ITCHING.

You deserve to have the CONFIDENCE to spend the day at the beach with your family or friends, wear whatever you want, and no longer have to hide, because you won’t need to.

You deserve to have CLEAR SKIN so you no longer get those weird judgmental stares and those frustrating comments like “EWW what is that?! Is that contagious?!”

You deserve to feel FREE AND HAPPY and no longer have your skin condition dictate to your life.

In a moment I am going to reveal to you how you can finally change all that for good by taking some simple but serious step by step actions.

But first, there are a few things you need to be aware of;

The 4 Reasons You Are Still Stuck Being The Skin Condition Sufferer

and your journey out of it…

Hand santitizers, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial soaps all add up to the death of our skins microbiome.

Back before the overwhelming sanitizing insanity hit, our immune system had a full time job protecting us,  now the immune system has become lazy and not functioning properly.

Solving this problem – 

Your gut and your immune system might as well be functioning as one organ because they are so deeply entangled, healing your gut is only the first step to a healthy immune system.

How does your day look?  Maybe similar to this…

You wake up totally exhausted because you’ve had no sleep from itching and scratching all night.  Your sheets have dried blood and skin flakes on them.

You can’t focus on your day because you’re so tired, and that just adds to your stress.

You’re dying for a peaceful asleep, but just thinking about the itch that hides during the day and comes out like a vampire at night stresses you out

Cycle Repeats

You’ve tried lotions, creams, steroids, this thing, that thing while some of them only brought some temporary relief, and it just felt like you’ve never actually dealt with the real issues, but just the uncomfortable ever re-occurring symptoms.

Solving this problem – 

Your skin condition is just an external manifestation of an internal problem, like the warning light in your car that says it needs oil.  The warning light is not the problem, the car low on oil is the problem.  

There are actually some organs in your body that are not doing what they’re supposed to do right, and most possibly some spiritual issues, which need addressing for your skin to clear and stay clear.

Have you ever looked at the ingrediants in store bought cake?

Or maybe you’ve experienced POST Chinese food gut rot, or POST Burger King Gut Rot.

Conventional Doctors say food has nothing to do with skin – but the Doctors of Old, Functional Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Homeopaths will all tell you FOOD HAS EVERTHING TO DO WITH ALL OF YOU (Skin included)

Solving this problem – 

You need a foundation level knowledge of the “5 Natures of Food” when you understand this, you’ll know EXACTLY how to put meals together that will serve your healing instead of feeding your sickness.

P.S. It’s difficult to manuever through all the mis-information on the internet to find an actual clear road map to follow.  Some things are perfect while others are totally wrong and you don’t have 100 years to try and figure it all out.

Have you tried to change your diet and it didn’t work?

Or maybe you’ve tried bleach baths, and they’ve just irritated your skin more.

All the “Failures” that you’ve experienced in your hunt for truth are just further driving you to actually find the TRUTH.  

Imagine all the time and energy spent to and If you’d put all that time and effort into following an easy roadmap, with straightforward TAKE ACTION points to implement, that would have changed your life and your skin forever, you’d have already been a different person.

Solving this problem – 

That roadmap exists!  It’s called “The 5 Cores To Clear Skin” and it has a 100% success rate (so far).

Let's Gaze Into Your Future Right Now and See...

You have control of not only your skin, but your health all around.  Your skin no longer dictates to you, YOU dictate to it!

You are throwing away all the steroid creams, medications and anything else associated with itchy skin… WHY… Because you do not have it anymore.

You ENJOY outings especially on warm sunny days when you can show off your skin, whether that’s at the beach, golfing, bike riding or anywhere else!

You have pin pointed EXACTLY what has caused flareups in the past so you don’t even worry anymore about it ever coming back.

Your so happy with your life, you love spending time with family and friends, and have confidence in yourself and your skin.  Everything is possible for you!


“Such a Relief!”

After struggling with eczema from the time I was 9, I can tell you I’ve tried more things to manage it than I can even list. When it was gone I was always wondering how long before it came back again.

After completing this course I’m happy to say I don’t have a trace of eczema (which had previously covered my face) and I understand so much more about my body I don’t even wonder if it’s coming back. I know it’s not!



Introducing the…

“5 Cores To Clear Skin”

Root level healing from the inside out


This will change your life.

Go from itchy, painful, and dry to clear skin and vibrant health!

Core #2 Recovering Your Full Gut and Liver Function Again

  • You’ll learn how connected your gut, liver and skin are, and how to repair them to function optimally.  


  • You’ll learn why you get so itchy at night, why probiotics can sometimes cause massive flareups, and how to fix these things.


  • You’ll learn about a plant that’s disappeared from our modern diets completely because most people consider it a weed, and how it works like magic on your liver.  You’ll also learn the importance of other plants like it that create a cocktail of healing for your whole body.
  • You can use this technique to TURBO harmonize all of your bodies systems (nervous system, vascular system, lymphatic system etc…) so your entire body is harmonized, healthy and vibrant.  It’s so powerful that it’s actually shoved under the rug by drug companies because it largely eliminates the need for medications in many instances.

Core #4 The POWER of Micro-Nutrients

  • Foods and Micro-nutrients your body must have for deep root level healing.


  • More on gut health and how to repair the damage.


  • How to DIY much of your own micro-nutrients.


  • This is a very hands on module as you’ll have the opportunity to make your own micronutrient supplements, and foods which are worlds better and have more healing power than store bought supplements

Core #1 The 5 “Natures” of Food

  •  You’ll learn that all food can be categorized with an ancient Persian chart, and this chart shows you exactly how each food affects your internal organs, from this you’ll learn how certain foods cause more damage to them than good if they are already not functioning properly.
  • You’ll learn how to choose foods to begin healing your body instead of harming it.
  • We don’t cover anything about the importance of healthy eating, because we assume this is a given, and also assume you already know that junk foods, fried foods, sugar etc… just feed flareups and hurt your organs.

Core #3 The Three Brains and How They Release Healing Hormones

  • There are actually 3 organs in your body that contain neurons.  The brain is the most well known.  The other 2 have been recently discovered as having neurons and when all 3 organs are harmonized they release over 1,000 natural healing and repair chemicals and hormones,  stronger than any drug on the market….  AND there’s no negative side effects.
  • You’ll learn a 3 minute technique that’s so easy, anyone can do it.  This technique harmonizes all 3 organs which prompts these organs to create and release these healing chemicals and hormones for up to 6 hours in your body…  Just imagine how much healing you’ll get if you practice this technique throughout the day, every day!
  • The best part, it’s free, it doesn’t require you to buy anything and you can do it anywhere at anytime.  If you grasp this “Core” of our course, just this alone can heal you if it’s done properly, and consistently.

Core #5 DIY Salves and Balms and Tips

  • How to make your own soothing skin balms and salves (it’s easier than boiling a pan of water).  These can be made from as little as only 1 ingredient and they are like miracle cream for stopping the itch!
  •  Quick Tips – An abundance of quick and easy things you can change or do to help your body heal.

Looking For Some Bonuses?

Bonus #1 Soothing Salve 

  • You’ll get one of our 30 ml (1 oz) soothing salves mailed to you.  These are homemade with minimal ingredients and work like a charm to sooth itchy dry skin.  They are tallow based which means a little bit goes a long long way.  
  • This will be mailed out after the 30 day money back guarantee period.

“I’m Back To Work Again”

As a builder by trade, hand eczema was my worst nightmare! Steroids, lotions and creams were only temporarily pushing the symptoms away, then it would come back with a vengeance when I stopped steroid creams. I knew there must be a better way so I started doing my own research, which led me to this course. Two months after implementing everything here my hands were completely clear and I was back to work!


If you’re on the fence…

OR if other programs, or products have left you with a less than thrilled experience…

Then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the “5 Cores to Clear Skin” Course into action and experience how easy and exiting it can be to heal your skin.

Take 30 days to implement everything we’ve suggested in our one on one sessions.  

Get a taste of our teaching style and content, get your questions answered.  If you don’t feel like you’ll be well on your way to healing your skin with this information, just shoot us an email at info@itchexorcist.com  with proof that you’ve put into practice what you’ve learned and we’ll send you a refund.

This course is for you if

This course is NOT for you if

"It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop."Confucious

“Psoriatic Arthritis Gone!”

PsA was one thing, I also had fibromyalgia, IBD, and chronic fatigue. I booked a discovery call because I was really sceptical and thought this wouldn’t be any different than other things I’d tried. Stacy gave me some pointers and was really helpful so I decided to go through the course. It’s been 1 year now. The majority of my PsA symptoms are now gone, and I KNOW the lingering ones will go soon too. I have more energy than I ever remember having, the chronic fatigue doesn’t exist anymore and the IBD is in remission! I feel like I have my whole life back!



Yes!  Our methods are so gentle anyone can use them, AND they’ll even work on your infant if you’re breastfeeding still.  

No!  That’s the WONDERFUL thing about this Course.  We don’t say everyone has to stay away from dairy products or only do the carnivore diet or become vegan.

Okay, let’s clear this one up straight away.  Have you ever heard of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW)?  It’s very real, and TONS of people get it.  The symptoms of this are 10x worse then Psoriasis or Eczema AND the steroid cream stops working altogether.

Wait a second!  So doctors are prescribing something for my skin that is actually making it worse?  YEP.  Steroid creams should only be for emergency only, they are habit forming and addictive and only suppress your syptoms rather than healing the root of the problem.

Just like pulling the warning light out of your car when it’s telling you the oil is low, using steroid creams are like covering the warning light of your symptoms instead of dealing with the internal root of the symptoms.

Cleanses are trending now and everyone seems to be suggesting them. 

But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for you.

Often cleanses are exhausting, and energy draining.  At this point in your journey it’s more beneficial to SUPPORT your body, than do something forcefully exhausting, and stress your body even more.

Everything has it’s place, and right now your body needs more pampering than it needs intense, draining detoxes.

All of us are strapped for time in this busy world where things just keep getting busier.  Work, laundry, cleaning, bills, kids, chores and the endless other things that make up daily life, we understand you’re busy.

but here’s the thing….

If you don’t invest some time in your health now you’ll be forced to take out  invest time in your illness.

There is no set amount of time for going through this course…

BUT the more time you spend implementing the TAKE ACTION points peppered throughout the “5 Cores to Clear Skin” the faster you’ll heal and the less time you’ll be spending managing your skin!

We’ve actually engineering the whole course to give you MAXIMUM information with MINIMAL time spent learning, so you can get straight to putting it into action.


If you are sitting on the fence….

You know this course is EXACTLY what you need, you’re imagining your results but you just don’t know if it will work for your because you’ve tried SO MANY other things that haven’t worked so far.

We offer a FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you’ve implemented all the TAKE ACTION points in the “5 Cores to Clear Skin” and you don’t see any noticeable positive changes in your skin or health, just email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

However, we’re only looking for SERIOUS action takers to be part of this course.

So far we’ve had a 100% success rate, and we’d like to keep it that way!

The money back guarantee applies only to the one on one personal sessions with you option, not the downloadable PDF option.

Here's Everything You'll Get

Still Thinking…

You are ready to achieve clear skin if…

You’ve recently been diagnosed (either by yourself or a doctor) with Psoriasis or Eczema and you want to take the natural approach to get rid of it from the root, not just cover symptoms with steroids.

You’ve been struggling for years with Psoriasis or Eczema and you’re tired of the vicious cycle of meds, creams or biologics to just supress the symptoms.  You want REAL results that achieve clear skin by healing the root cause.

You’re already trying the natural approach through diet changes or supplements but you are getting lost in the sea of internet information and your results are unstable.  You can’t figure out where exactly the problem is.

You are willing to invest the time and necessary lifestyle changes to achieve results, as long as you know each part of that change is full of meaning and driving you closer to your goal of clear skin.

In fact you are ALREADY investing lots of time just trying to manage your skin by doing things like doctors appointments, buying, applying and waiting for creams to soak in a bit so you can move on with your day, missing tasks or days at a time because of exhaustion and more… and getting “I’m sick of trying” results.

You are profoundly aware of how much just having clear skin will change every area of your life.  And we all know “This is more than JUST a skin condition” it effects every area of life.  AND you want to ENJOY life, not drag yourself suffering through it.

If you’ve found yourself saying “YES” to any of these things.  We just can’t wait to see you inside the course, BECAUSE we know your life is going to be changed forever.

We are over excited to guide you on your journey out of Psoriasis or Eczema!

After suffering for several years with both Psoriasis and Eye Eczema, and also having an infant born with this skin condition, Fredrico didn’t accept “No” as an answer to his and particularly to his beloved child’s skin condition, and after years of research, a casual conversation with his parents about  the father of early medicine “Avicenna” and his book of Healing, led Fredrico to his first clues to tap into a wealth of information, which put him and our child on the path of recovery, and eventually total healing. Now after almost 3 years, they’re still free from any skin issue.

All those years of research, and priceless gained knowledge by the virtue of experimenting various methods on ourselves to get the best results in the shortest possible period of time have been condensed into a Five-Core Course, so you can also be delivered from your skin condition naturally.

We founded “Itch Exorcist” initially to supply people with our own uniquely home made made products to get people healed of Psoriasis / Eczema, but later decided to make a full training course instead. 

Our course is a no nonsense, straight to the point training, which is designed to give you all the knowledge you need regarding your skin issue covering all its aspects, be it spiritual or physical, and is covered here cannot be found in any other similar courses. 

Our training course is designed with this at its heart that every person is an individual with their own individual habits, nature, lifestyle, and their own individualities, so people are not all treated the same way. 

We adamantly believe you can be another person with a healing testimony on our site if you only will!

 Looking forward to hearing your story when you do will and join the course!

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