Customized Subscription Box for Psoriasis and Eczema

How A Custom Subscription Box Works

  1. Choose what items you want and how much of each item.  Each item and their prices are listed below.  Due to international postal guidelines we’re not able to ship more than 1 litre of the oil blend at a time,  However there are no restrictions on the other items listed below.
  2. Email us your requests.  Be sure to mention if you’d like this to be a monthly recurring box, or just a one time purchase.
  3. We’ll email you back within 3 days with the final price which will include shipping and a purchase link.   
The wooden box is included only as a “gift wrap” option, which is an extra $7

Soothing Tea – £15

(contains 30 grams of dried herbal tea, enough for 30 days)

The teacup and spoon are not included.

Tea Blend Contains:

  • Marigold
  • Horsetail
  • Mint
  • Alfalfa
  • Cleavers
  • Safflower

Each one of these ingredients has been carefully hand picked for its amazing healing properties especially in the case of itchy skin conditions. Many of these are powerful natural anti-inflammatories, and are all full the micro-nutrients your skin needs to get back to a perfect balance, a healthy balance without itch! All herbs are pharmaceutical grade herbs. We only give you the very best! Our goal is to see you healed, and rejoice with you on your victory over your skin condition.

Golden Oil Blend – £70

(contains 300 ml of blended oil, enough for 30 days)

  • Cold Pressed Unrefined Black Seed Oil
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil (wild caught cod with the oil fermented for a minimum of 6 months)
  • Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

These oils work together like magic to deeply hydrate the skin from inside out, and also reduce the itch and inflammation of the skin. Aside from having such powerful effects on the skin they also work wonders with growing hair faster, thicker and shinier, strengthen bones, and nurture internal organs due to the densely packed micro-nutrients into them.

Healing Powder – £30

(contains 300g of blended powder, enough for 30 days)

  • L-Glutamine powder (naturally extracted from plants)
  • Slippery elm bark powder

DIRECTIONS – Take 1 tablespoon, twice daily on an empty stomach

These two powders create a powerful gut healing combination. When taken twice daily on an empty stomach they begin to heal the lining of the small intestine. This, in Chinese medicine “cools the blood” and too much “heat” in the blood is one of the main reasons for itchy skin conditions. How long it takes to cool the blood will vary from person to person. It depends on how much “heat” you have in your blood.

Flixweed Seeds – £37

(contains 60g of flixweed seeds)

Sorry , the tea glass is not included but you can find them on Amazon here.

Flixweed seed, No it’s not a typo, and No it’s not Flax seed, it’s totally a different thing altogether, and they have nothing to do with each other.

Flixweed seed is a mixture of tiny brown seeds with great health benefits. It is a natural liver detoxifier that is also known to improve your skin, clearing it of blemishes and evening its tone. It is also used to reduce fever and help with constipation.

If you mix Flixweed seed with warm water, it becomes a laxative drink and its mixture with cold water turns it into a natural anti-diarrheal

Flixweed seeds are like little miracle workers when it comes to “cooling the blood” and getting rid of itchy skin in record time. 

DIRECTIONS: Soak 2 teaspoons in 1 cup of cold water overnight drink and enjoy. OR pour 1/4 cup of nearly boiling water on the seeds, let soak for 3 minutes and drink, or mix the seeds and water with your favorite fruit juice or smoothy.

6 Strain Probiotic Capsules – £27 

(Contains 120 capsules, enough for 30 days, taking 4 each day)

I cannot emphasize enough how important probiotics are in the process of overcoming psoriasis or eczema for good. Your small intestine is top priority for getting all the micro-nutrients absorbed and to the skin, unfortunately many people have more bad bacteria then good which caused a plethora of unpleasant symptoms.

Fried foods, animal proteins, ibueprofen and more can actually kill off the good bacteria, or help create a prime environment for bad bacteria to thrive. Probiotics are a game changer for axing psoriasis and eczema from the root when taken with the other  supplements in this subscription box.

The more strains of good bacteria you have in your small intestine, the happier your body will be and the faster you’ll recover from your skin condition.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 to 4 capsules daily. Start out slow with 1 capsule daily and gradually increase to get to the full dosage.

Although we aim to serve all special requests the same day, sometimes it’s not possible.  Please allow up to 3 days for us to create a purchase link for you. We will send it as a reply email to the custom order email you’ve sent.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you are unclear on anything, we love to be of service and want every person on this planet who has the unfortunate experience of living with psoriasis or eczema to be well, whole and living in abundant health!

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