This Christmas 2022 we are gifting 1 person our “5 Cores to Clear Skin” personal one on one coaching sessions. Each session will be approximately 40 mins and there are 7 sessions in this bundle. We don’t use or suggest any chemicals, steroids, oral medications or biologics in our course or sessions. Our course is …

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Discovery Call Booking

Please email us at info@itchexorcist with your preferred time and date to do the discovery call and we’ll email you back with confirmation or suggest a reschedule if it’s not available. At the moment we have lots of available slots, but this can change at anytime depending on our customer flow.

Flixweed Seeds and Other Things to Sooth Itchy Skin

There are a few things that can cause itchy skin here are the most common we’ve found in people with psoriasis or eczema. Listed Below Are Common Causes of Itchy Skin AND What To Do About It Eating foods that are “hot or warm” in nature (nothing to do with temperature). Congested Liver EMF (electromagnetic …

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