Axe Psoriasis In 6 Steps

Table of contents:
  • EMF’s 5G and how to protect yourself
  • Biology of Belief (how your perspective on life can actually make you sick or healthy)
  • Cold Therapy – Incredible Testimonials of healing.

EMF’s, 5G, Radiation and How To Protect Yourself Right Now!

Video coming in a few hours.

EMF Protection Sleeping Bag Net, Qi Home Cell (a device that neutralizes all radiation in your home)

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

This 2 hour lecture shows simply how you think about life around you will trigger your cells and every part of your body to be sick or healthy. Pure science that shows jaw dropping evidence that we can actually “Think” ourselves into health or sickness.”

You can find more from Bruce Lipton here.

Cold Therapy Testimonials (from 28 people ranging from all sorts of diseases and problems to cured or greatly improved).

Wim Hoff’s book and more about his cold therapy methods here.