About Us

My name is Fredrico, a College / University lecturer by profession in England, raised in a family where natural remedy was not an alternative remedy, but the primary and engrained in the family.

My wife Stacy also had a similar upbringing in that respect, but she took this a step further by studying herbs, and becoming a medicinal herbalist.

In 2016, I started noticing dry patches of skin over one of my eyelids, which was very itchy and kept peeling off and coming back.

To cut the long story short, I was first diagnosed with eczema by a dermatologist, then psoriasis, which was after the dry patches covered other areas of my body including the scalp, behind my ears, my chest and worse of them all the groin area!

After 3 long years of struggling with this nasty skin condition “Psoriasis”, and trying almost everything under the sun in the meantime, including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, visiting doctors and so called specialists who almost always refer to any health issue as “disease”- if you notice- subtly implying and even bluntly telling you that there’s no cure for it.

As much as this was going against the grain, and I simply couldn’t accept that, but after hearing it so much from everyone, I was almost getting convinced that I just had to live with it until our second child was born in 2019 with similar skin condition, which was again diagnosed as “baby eczema”, but for me that was the last straw on the camel’s back;

I just wouldn’t even listen to anyone saying that there was no cure, fortunately this wasn’t something I could hide from my parents, and when they discovered he had this skin issue after seeing him over the Skype, they immediately said I used to have the same condition when I was born, and that it was something called “Heat issue”, this is a well-known term amongst all Persians, but I had been away from it for too many years to be able to even remember any of that, this was the first biggest turning point towards my healing journey.  

Together with my wife’s knowledge of herbs, referring to the Prince of Physicians book- Avicenna’s book of “Healing”- putting a lot of prayers into it, and making myself a guinea pig trying various things to fine tune what actually works, we finally managed to eliminate this nasty thing off my body for good.

I must say this wasn’t an overnight process, after all it had taken so many years to get to that condition, so it would naturally take some time to restore the vibrant health I once enjoyed, which considering the fact that we were still learning and we were trying various things one or two things at a time, it took me about 6 months to get back to full restoration.

Although I started seeing results almost immediately, but I should say the restoration process had an exponential curve in a way that you feel like you have reached a point that you can’t get passed that little last curve to be completely healed. I personally got rid of almost all scaly patches in about 4 months, but one spot was the most stubborn spot that wasn’t clearing, but with about two more months of perseverance and continuing to do what was working, it finally succumbed and nice smooth skin gradually showed up again.

While I was suffering with this, I made a promise that I will get this news to the ends of the world once I’m healed, and do my part to have a Psoriasis-Free world, hence the empowering course we run with life changing information to help others have clear skin.

Our primary objective is to eliminate Psoriasis / Eczema from the face of the Earth while strengthening each person’s immune system, and prove that there’s healing for you, you just need  to tap into the right resources, and be willing to make small sacrifices.

My Dad was instrumental in enabling me to enjoy a healthy skin again and appreciate it as well as healing our baby’s skin. He was always proud to say his son was a Doctor Professor, because with the help of my wife’s herbal expertise, I used to give him health advices, which kept him safe from surgeons’ knifes a couple of times, but unfortunately, and unexpectedly he fell asleep on 30th of September 2021 after contracting Covid 19, so he didn’t stay long enough to see his own advice, which healed me and my son of psoriasis years ago, has now become the cornerstone to heal others too.

While losing my Dad has been the toughest experience, it has also been the most motivating, as it’s motivated me; to share our accumulated knowledge and experiences with the world, to teach people that we don’t have to watch ourselves or our loved ones suffer from autoimmune disease. To show people that there is a better way and it’s called Alternative Medicine – and it’s not some woo-doo thing.

Modern day Doctors look at autoimmune disease and say food has nothing to do with it, but it definitely DOES.

We, might not be able to change the current health care system, but we can share our knowledge and help the people who are suffering.

Here’s to your vibrant health!

Fredrico and Stacy