About Us

Itch Exorcist is a U.K. based company whose mission is to help people like you

achieve their health and wellness goals.  

A Bit More About Us

We are a UK based family business with our hearts set on informing and equipping people around the globe who either themselves or their loved ones are suffering from Psoriasis or Eczema of any type to enable them to eliminate the root cause of their skin issues for good.

On your way to achieve this goal, you will also experience other benefits of our concoctions including the strengthening of your immune system, which has always had the final say in dealing with any sickness or disease.

My name is Fredrico, a College / University lecturer by profession, raised in a family where natural remedy was not an alternative remedy, but the primary and engrained in the culture.

My wife Stacy also had a similar upbringing in that respect, but she took this a step further by studying herbs, and becoming a medical herbalist.

After 3 long years of struggling with this nasty so called “disease”, and trying almost everything under the sun including Chinese medicine, visiting doctors and so called specialists who almost always call any health issue as “disease” subtly implying and even bluntly tell you that there’s no cure for it, then I decided enough was enough, and that I didn’t want to be another number in the national statistics;

I never knew anyone suffering from this condition in my country of origin “Iran”, so I thought I’d better get back to my roots and get some words of wisdom from my parents, they immediately identified my issue as “Heat”, this is a well known term amongst all Persians, but I had been away from it for too many years to be able to remember any of that, but that was a turning point to dig more into it and refer to Avicenna’s books , and there it was where I could find the light at the end of tunnel. Together with my wife’s knowledge of herbs, and putting a lot of prayer into it, we finally managed to eliminate this nasty thing off my body for good.

I must say this wasn’t an overnight process, after all it had taken so many years to get to that condition, so it would naturally take some time to restore the vibrant health I once enjoyed, which considering the fact that we were still learning and we were trying various things one or two things at a time, it took me about 6 months to get back to full restoration.

Although I started seeing results almost immediately, but I should say the restoration process had an exponential curve in a way that you feel like you have reached a point that you can get passed that little last curve to be completely healed. I personally got rid of almost all scaly patches in about 4 months, but one spot was the most stubborn spot that wasn’t clearing, but with about two more months of perseverance and continuing to do what was working, it finally succumbed and nice smooth skin gradually showed up again.

While I was suffering with this, I made a promise that I will get this news to the ends of the world once I’m healed, and do my part to have psoriasis free world, hence the empowering Webinar we run free of charge with lifechanging information to help you clear your skin!

Our primary objective is to eliminate Psoriasis / Eczema from the face of the earth while strengthening each persons immune system, and prove the doctors and specialists wrong!