Successfully Reversing Psoriasis and Eczema Naturally, without Chemicals, Steroids, or Oral Medications

This course contains approximately 1 hour of power packed information that will change your life! You’ll get pdf, and video formats of this course which are packed with pictures, secret knowledge, and step by step action points to clear your skin. WARNING this course contains ZERO fluff.

It has easy to follow TAKE ACTION points peppered throughout it so you can get straight down to implementing your newly learned knowledge and HEAL!

We’ve arranged everything to get you as fast as possible from Itchy, Dry, and Flaky, Skin to Soft, Vibrant, Glowing Skin!

This course is gentle enough to apply everything you’ve learned to breastfeeding infants and toddlers as well. It’s not just for adults.

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CORE 1 “The 5 Natures of Food”

  • You’ll learn that all food can be categorized with an ancient Persian chart, and this chart shows you exactly how each food affects your internal organs, from this you’ll learn how certain foods cause more damage to them than good if your gut and liver are not functioning properly. So far we’ve found that everyone (yes, 100%, everyone) we’ve helped clear their skin has had either liver, or gut function compromised and many cases it’s actually BOTH!
  • We don’t cover anything about the importance of healthy eating, because we assume this is a given, and also assume you already know that junk foods, fried foods, sugar etc… just feed flareups and hurt your organs.


CORE 2 “Recovering Your Full Gut and Liver Function”

  • You’ll learn how connected your gut, liver and skin are, and how to repair them to function optimally.  
  • You’ll learn why you get so itchy at night, why probiotics can sometimes cause massive flareups, and how to fix these things.
  • You’ll learn about a plant that’s disappeared from our modern diets completely because most people consider it a weed, and how it works like magic on your liver.  You’ll also learn the importance of other plants like it that create a cocktail of healing for your whole body.


CORE 3 “The 3 Brains and How They Release Healing Hormones”

  • There are actually 3 organs in your body that contain neurons.  The brain is the most well known, the other 2 have been recently discovered as having neurons and when all 3 organs are harmonized, they release over 1,000 natural healing and repair chemicals and hormones, stronger than any drug on the market….  AND there’s no negative side effects.
  • You’ll learn a three-minute technique that’s so easy, anyone can do it, which will tell your body to switch these three organs on harmoniously to release healing to your skin and whole body.
  • This CORE is so powerful many people have used it to heal all sorts of illnesses, not just skin issues.


CORE 4 “The Power of Micro-Nutrients”

  • Foods and Micro-nutrients your body must have for deep root level healing.
  • More on gut health and the one golden liquid (which you can make at home) that is amazing at repairing the damage.
  • How to DIY much of your own micro-nutrients.
  • This is a very hands-on module as you’ll have the opportunity to make your own micronutrient supplements, and foods which are worlds better and have more healing power than store bought supplements

CORE 5 “DIY Salves, Balms and Tips

  • How to make your own soothing skin balms and salves (it’s easier than boiling a pan of water).  These can be made from as little as only 1 ingredient, and they are like miracle cream for stopping the itch!
  •  Quick Tips – An abundance of quick and easy things you can change or do to help your body heal. Plus 1 DIY drink that literally stops itchy skin within seconds of drinking it. It’s virtually unknown to most of world but is used in the Middle East as a summer “Cool Down” drink during hot weather.

After purchasing, this course will be available to download in PDF, and the Video (mp4) link will be sent in your invoice

There is absolutely ZERO fluff in our course, and we’ve tried to keep the information to a bare minimum so you can implement all the TAKE ACTION points easily without tedious reading or faffing about.

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